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Best exercise for people with limited time

Today’s lifestyles are so busy it’s easy to push exercise to the bottom of the list when juggling work and personal life commitments. However we all know just how important it is to engage in regular physical activity and the benefits it provides such as weight loss, energy, general satisfaction in life and protection from numerous illnesses.

It is all about finding the exercise that suits you and that you enjoy and don’t find a chore. Then it’s about making time and prioritising it and setting yourself goals. Making simple lifestyle changes to your daily routine can also help to keep you physically active and boost your metabolism.

Here in Australia our obesity rate is through the roof. It has more than doubled over the past 20 years and Australia is now ranked one of the fattest developed nations in the world with around 37% of Australians being overweight and 25% obese.

We need to knock this epidemic on the head and start to change our lifestyle and habits. Incorporating regular exercise teamed with a healthy balanced diet is a key strategy to reducing these statistics and improving the lives of Australians.

Here are some tips for incorporating physical activity into your everyday routine:

  • Keep off public transport a few stops earlier and walk the rest of the way home or to work
  • Make good use of your lunch break go outdoors for a power walk you will come  back to work feeling more energised and able to focus
  • Let the kids ride their bikes with you jogging beside
  • Opt to take the stairs over elevators and lifts
  • Get up 30 minutes earlier than the rest of the family or than you normally would to take some time to go for a job or to do some yoga
  • Turn cleaning into a work out
  • If you have a dog or like dogs borrow a friends or neighbours and take it for regular walks
  • Make conscious decisions to do active activities on the weekend or after work. Instead of sitting at your computer or in front of the TV get outdoors and active whether it be throwing a ball around in the park or walking around a shopping mall instead of online shopping

While it is certainly important to make small changes like the above to your everyday life it is equally important to realise you should be engaging in at least three thirty minute sessions of moderate to high physical activity per week. There is no quick fix or round about ways to becoming physically fit and active. You have to make the time and make exercise a priority in your life. So we urge you to make a commitment today to choose your favourite type of exercise whether it be walking, surfing or tennis and we’re sure you will feel better for it!

For any recommendations around what sort of physical exercise is right for you or for any fitness related queries Docmate recommends consulting your GP.


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Coconut Water vs Sports Drinks vs Au Natural

Coconut water seems to be the new “it” health drink at the moment. The juice contained in
the interior of a young coconut has all sorts of nutritious and health benefiting properties.

Numerous sources concede that coconut waters benefits include fast rehydration after
physical exercise and weight loss. Coconut water is rich in essential and natural rehydrating
electrolytes such as potassium, sodium, chloride, magnesium, calcium, phosphate,
sulphate and bicarbonate. It is also rich in vitamins C, B, fiber and protein. These properties
respectively contribute to boosting immunity, energy levels, digestion, and repair of
muscles, bones, hair, skin, eyes and the creation of antibodies. Unlike other sports drinks
or vitamin waters it is completely natural without the refined sugars, artificial colours and
preservatives. It is also very low in calories and cholesterol free

So how does coconut compare with last decades health drink of choice – sports drinks?
Chhandashri Bhattacharya, Ph.D., lecturer in chemistry, natural sciences at Indiana
University Southeast conducted research to find out (Food Product Design, 2012).
Bhattacharya and fellow researchers concluded that for non athletes or moderate workouts
coconut water was the best option.

Coconut water is clearly the more natural of the two and has a lower additive intake. The
research team found that coconut water contained up to 1,500 mg per litre of potassium
compared to 300 mg per litre for Powerade and Gatorade. Coconut water however had 400
mg per litre of sodium compared to 600 for the sports drinks.

The higher potassium levels in coconut water are beneficial as it helps to get rid of cramps
in your muscles. Although the lower level of sodium in coconut water may seem beneficial
it is not the case for athletes or people engaging in strenuous exercise as sodium is depleted
through perspiration and must be replaced.

So to cut a long story short, unless you are an athlete or engage in frequent strenuous
exercise, coconut water is your best option. But how does coconut water compare to plain
old H2O? Coconut Water Australia, an unaffiliated coconut water review organisation,
states “coconut water is the purest liquid second only to water itself.”

Not only has coconut water got stick from consumers about its price but also about its
high sugar levels when compared to water. People who should be following a low sodium
diet such as people with high blood pressure or heart disease should be cautious in their
consumption of coconut water (Livestrong, 2011).

At the end of the day there is no substitution for simplest of liquids – H2O. Andrea Giancoli,
a spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association told WaPo in an interview that “most
people don’t exercise heavily enough to need a sports recovery drink (Coconut Water or
Gatorade). Water is just fine for most people.” Other studies come to the same conclusion

that sports drinks and coconut water serve a purpose among elite athletes and those who
exercise for long periods. For others who exercise at a moderate intensity and for under an
hour, water is probably the better choice (O’Connor, 2011).


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